Today, I discuss the concept of “permission marketing”. Permission Marketing is when you provided a free giveaway on your website or blog and somebody supplied you with their contact details to receive it. In doing this they have also gave you “Permission” to contact them in the future with updates.

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Google: "Not Set" In Google Analytics SEO Report Isn't A Bug
Search Engine Roundtable
Earlier this month, we reported an outcry by a large number of SEOs who noticed Google Analytics show not set as the top referrer in the Search Engine Optimization report. Google told us last night, this was not a bug but by design. John Mueller of
Reversing the Impact of Google Changes Is Now Easy with Exceptional SEO Digital Journal
Search Engine Optimization Non-Secrets RevealediMedia Connection (blog)
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In order to attract notice, you may find yourself using certain attention-grabbers that can send up read flags for some of your customers. Below is our advice on how to make sure your campaign does not resemble common social media scams, so that you can use a safer method to draw attention to your brand – while retaining your customers' trust.

Strugling to find the right SEO software for your business? Choose your perfect SEO tool: jump to the detailed comparison of the leading SEO apps! Google's web analytics service is one of the most reliable, and most powerful, tracking services around. If there's a stat you'd like to monitor on your website, chances are Google has an analytics tool to do so.

As every affiliate marketer will sooner or later find out, content is key when it comes to promoting your products. Whether it is engaging blog posts to keep your readers hooked, or just a well-written product review, you must learn how to write solid and interesting articles if you expect to make an income as an affiliate marketer.

So you have set up your website and/or your blog, and you have been working on driving traffic to your site. You can see visitors are coming to your site and they love it; however, the site isn't making you any money. If you do not have your own product to sell, you always have the option of selling other people's products on your site and making a commission on each of those sales. The only problem is, how do your find a suitable product to promote?